Apply for a Singapore Marriage / Wedding Loan to Make Your Big Day Memorable

Planning a wedding in Singapore? This is the best choice you could have made because there are many fabulous wedding destinations in the country. Whatever the theme of your wedding, there is a venue that will bring to life the idea you have in mind. You can opt for an array of themes including beach and seaside theme, sunset weddings, waterfront weddings, classical weddings, clubhouse wedding or any other theme you have in mind.

While Singapore is the perfect wedding destination, there is a catch; the cost of a Singapore wedding is enormous with an average wedding costing upwards of $27,000. A glamorous wedding can set you back $100,000 or even more. If you rely only on savings, you might take ages to have your dream wedding in the country. This is where our marriage / wedding loans come in handy. Whatever wedding theme you have in mind, you can now bring it to life using our tailored loan packages.


Our Marriage / Wedding Loans has one of the Most Affordable Interest Rate

At Credit Matters, we appreciate that life in the country is already expensive and this is the reason we have come up with this innovative personal loan to help you out. Our rates are the most flexible and you will find it easier to have that dream wedding without further ado.

Strengthening Your Union

If you are wondering whether buying a wedding loan is the best idea, consider the impact this will have in your relationship. Many couples say solemnization of their union made them stronger and it is always advisable to do it in style. Your wedding is without doubt the most important event in your adulthood and as such, you need to make it truly memorable.

A Singapore wedding is not just about fun because your families and the entire community will be involved. This means your marriage starts with the blessings that you so much need. With the cash to perform all the rites, you ensure your wedding starts on a strong footing. This is where our marriage / wedding loans play a crucial role.

Add a Dash of Style to your Nuptials

We appreciate that there is so much to be done during the event and our mission is to give you peace of mind. From the bridal package, solemnization, dowry, wedding bands, and banquet, you need money to sort all these and more. Our Singapore wedding loan helps you meet all these expenses and ensure you add an elegant touch to this special day.

Apply today for a tailored wedding loan and make this big day truly memorable.


Planning a Western Wedding in Singapore? Here’s What You Should Know

Every couple desires to have the perfect nuptials as they start their marriage. This is one reason many couples are choosing a Singapore western wedding because the country provides an impressive array of venues where couples can hold their dream wedding. Your wedding is arguably the most vital event in your life and as such, it must be marked in style. By choosing a western wedding in Singapore, you have set the ball rolling for one of the most memorable days in your lives. Little wonder then that the country has witnessed glamor and glitz during celebrity weddings at some of its fantastic wedding venues.

Make Your Wedding Stand Out in Front of your Friends

If you are planning the perfect western wedding in the country, it is good to plan beforehand because there is so much to do. One thing you need to plan for is of course finances for your wedding. Truth be told, life in the country is expensive and this extends to glamorous events such as weddings, which cost from $27,000 and above on average. There are a lot of expenses involved if you want this occasion to stand out and this is where our marriage loans come in handy.

If you are an expat in the country, and thinking of flying your family over for this special occasion, you can now pull off that dream wedding with our flexible financing. We appreciate that a western wedding in Singapore is expensive and this is the reason we have come up with this innovative financial products for our customers.

Our western wedding loans will help you sort some of the necessary expenses in your western wedding in the country. These items include:

  • Bridal package: This can set you back $3,000 to $6,000 and includes everything from bridal gown and suit purchase or rental, wedding album, makeup and much more.
  • Wedding banquet: This costs from around $18,000 to $30,000 and with your wedding loan, you will find the perfect venue for your dream wedding.
  • Wedding solemnization: This covers location rental and reception and can cost around $3000-$5000.
  • Wedding entertainment: This is a crucial item to make the day memorable and you should budget for around $700-$2000.
  • Wedding day videography/photography: This is essential to capture the glorious moments for posterity and professional services for the same will cost from $2000-$4000.
  • Honeymoon: There are many destinations in the country and outside, and you should plan for around $5,000 to $8,000 depending on destination.

Other costs include dowry, transportation, wedding bands and miscellaneous costs. With our marriage / wedding loans, you are sure to be able to cater for all these and pull off that dream wedding. Apply for a loan with us today.


Add Glamour to your Chinese Wedding with our Customized Wedding Loan

Chinese weddings are stuff of legends due to their elaborate nature and their adherence to age old traditions. If you are planning a Chinese wedding right here in Singapore, you will bring to life traditions and customs that have been practiced faithfully for thousands of years. These weddings are not just about your nuptials but are a celebration of Chinese culture.

The elaborate nature of your Chinese wedding translates into more expenses and this can be tough in a country where the cost of life is already unsustainable. Every part of the elaborate event comes with its own expenses and this will add up to the total bill.

If you are in the process of planning such a wedding in the country, we are glad to be of help. At Credit Matters, we offer tailored wedding packages for Chinese nuptials. We appreciate how expensive these occasions can be and our commitment is to ensure you meet every requirement.

We know that every rite involved in the wedding is crucial to a successful union and this is why we have come up with this innovative personal loan. If you are struggling to raise funds for your Chinese wedding in the country, you don’t have to worry because this loan is designed for you.

Items to Buy for your Chinese Wedding in Singapore

To appreciate the reason you need a wedding loan for this type of wedding, you have to consider the ceremonies that go into making the whole wedding. At all these ceremonies, there are items to buy including gifts and you have to impress the bride’s family.

Among the items your loan will help pay for include:

  • Proposal as well as Betrothal or Guo Da Li in Chinese: This is considered among the most critical parts of a Chinese wedding and involves the presentation of gifts by the family of the groom. Gifts range from pig totters, betrothal basket, and jewelry, wine among others. The more outstanding the gifts the better.
  • Dowry (Jia Zhuang): This is another important part of a Chinese wedding and the bride’s family bestows gifts such as baby baskets among others to the couple.
  • The Banquet: The parents pay for this but of course, it is important for the couple to chip in.

There are other events involved including returning of gifts (Hui Li), fetching the bride, tea ceremony (Feng Cha) among others. When all these are observed, your union is believed to begin with communal blessings.

Talk to us today and learn more about how our marriage / wedding loans can make your Chinese wedding more consummate. Send us your application here and we will call you back to learn more about your needs.


Planning a Malay Wedding here in Singapore? Here's How to Make It Perfect

Planning a Malay Wedding here in Singapore? Here’s How to Make It Perfect

A Malay wedding is more than a union of two people. Instead, it is a glamorous celebration of traditions and customs that date back thousands of years. If you are planning a Malay wedding while in Singapore, you must appreciate how deeply this occasion will be grounded in the culture of this proud people. There are many customs that are involved in making Malay weddings truly successful. The involvement of the entire family and community is crucial and this marks an important phase into adulthood.

If you are planning a Malay wedding in the country, it is important to be alive to the expenses involved. There are several rites to be performed and you are supposed to facilitate the same. More importantly, there are items required during these rites, such as gifts and you need the money to fund these. This is where our Credit Matters Malay marriage loan come to the rescue.

We have vast experience in the financial industry and our loan packages are prepared in response to our target customer needs. We appreciate that Malay weddings in the country are expensive and for this reason, we have come up with a tailored loan product that perfectly suits this special occasion.

Making your Malay Wedding Stand out

If you are wondering whether you need a wedding loan for your Malay wedding in Singapore, consider the fact that this is the biggest day of your adult life. By observing every rite set out in the culture, you will get the blessing you need to start a strong union.

This is one good reason to take a wedding loan to boost your financial capability and ensure every ceremony in the wedding process happens. Among the important items you are required to pay for in this wedding include:

  • Merisik gifts: These gifts are sent early during engagement by the groom’s family to the bride’s family.
  • Betrothal gifts (Hantaran): These are gifts for the solemnization ceremony presented by both families to each other.
  • Engagement gifts plus dowry: These are crucial during what is known as the bertunang process or engagement as well as mas kahwin or what is commonly known as dowry.
  • Marriage preparatory course/ registration: This is a crucial step before the solemnization of a Malay wedding here in Singapore.
  • Sirih Dara/ sirih junjung and Mahar: A crucial part of this wedding ceremony and these gifts are very important as they signify the respect and symbolize the start of the union. The Betel Nut Leaves flower arrangement signifies virginity.

All these ceremonies cost you a lot, but with our Credit Matters marriage / wedding  loan, you are now ready to have the dream Malay wedding in the country. Speak to us and let’s prepare a tailored loan for you to cater for your Malay dream wedding in Singapore. Click here to start applying now.