Weight Loss Surgeries in Singapore: Poor Eating Habits, Available Procedures and Getting a Weight Loss Loan to Finance Them

Being obese or plagued with weight issues affect both your physical health and your emotional well-being.

In the twenty-first century, many people are influenced by social media, fashion, trends, and are fixated with having the best appearance, looks and figure. Other than emotional challenges, there are also health problems that one cannot ignore. People with a high body mass index are at a great risk of suffering from many health issues such as type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure which leads to stroke, heart disease and high cholesterol, gallstones and many others. This causes some to take a weight loss loan to finance the expensive weight loss surgeries. 

Often times, people have tried to lose weight on their own but failed. This causes them to take other more drastic measures to lose weight such as skipping meals and deprive their body of the necessary nutrients.

In fact, weight gain is a complex issue. For some, it could be because of a food addiction or that there were traumatic past events that caused one to eat more food for comfort. Mental disorders may also lead to overeating. Moreover, some people may have medical conditions that cause them to gain weight. Either way, weight gain means that the person is taking in more calories than they require. In order to maintain one’s ideal weight, several factors should be put into consideration. Gender, body size, activity level, and age all play a part in this.

Generally, a woman should take in about 2000 calories daily while a man should take in about 2500. If one lives an active lifestyle, then he or she can take a bit more. However, if they are living a sedentary lifestyle, meaning that they do not move around much daily, then they should cut down on their intake and eat a little bit less. For most people, a sedentary lifestyle coupled with poor eating habits is the main reason for weight gain. Once things get out of control, they may need to take out a weight loss loan in order to get surgical intervention to help them lose the excess weight.



Poor Eating Habits That Leads to Weight Gain


There are several habits that anyone looking to cut weight must avoid. They are:

1. Processed foods. Luncheon meat, hot dogs, bacon, fries, instant noodles. As tasty as they are, they come laden with fat, sugar, and salt. Gaining weight is easy if processed foods are a staple in your diet. If you are looking to lose weight, then you should consider eating whole foods instead.

2. Portion sizes. Second servings or even thirds! Overeating is a major culprit where gaining weight is concerned. We tend to be greedy when the food tastes good. It is important to find out how much food you need to eat in one sitting in order to feel satisfied. It takes practice initially, but you will soon realize that your body needs very small portions to keep it fueled.

3. Sugary Drinks. Juices and sodas are cheap and readily available. Unfortunately, they offer empty calories as they are full of sugar and have very little to offer in the way of nutrition. Substitute these with water if you are looking to cut some weight.

4. Drinking alcohol. Anyone who drinks a lot on a regular basis will gain weight because alcohol is full of calories. This is why you see many uncles with beer bellies. It is contributed by drinking lots of alcohol and the sedentary lifestyle. Remember, an occasional drink is all you need if you want to lose weight.

5. Comfort eating. Comfort food comes packaged in fat and sugar. Most people who eat when they are depressed do not reach for an apple or a salad. They tend to eat candy, potato chips, chocolate, ice cream, fried chicken and cakes. If you often comfort yourself with food or deal with stress by eating, you will surely gain weight over time.

6. Eating out. This is a big deal, especially today when people find cooking a bother. The food served at restaurants and eateries tend to be saltier or sweeter. The more you eat out, the more unhealthy food you consume. Some people will have a starter, main course, and then also have a dessert laden with fat and sugar. Even the McDonalds set meal introduce a mindset that each meal should come with a main dish (the burger), a drink and a side dish (fries) when actually, one does not need to eat so much.

As the years pass, one finds that their weight increases significantly, and they end up dealing with chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure because of poor food choices. If one is not able to control their intake of the said foods, then a bariatric surgery will be necessary, which may call for a weight loss loan to cover the costs.



The Costs of Weight Loss Surgeries


If one has a BMI of more than 30 and is also suffering from weight-related illnesses, weight loss surgery can be lifesaving. If your BMI is more than 38, you will really need to pay more attention to your health. Weight loss surgeries can help one’s health greatly, but the costs are high for such procedures and may not be covered by your healthcare insurance provider. Some insurance covers may partially cover the procedures, but one still has to source a large amount of money. In Singapore, the various procedures can start at $6,000 if the cost has been subsidized, but without a subsidy, one can pay as much as $20,000. Hence, people who truly need help with their weight but lack the required finances will take on a weight loss loan to improve their physical health and well-being.

It is important that you speak to your doctor to find out what the cost is, the best procedure for yourself and then speak to the insurance company to find out how much can be covered. After that you will need to source the remaining funds using personal savings. Unless you have thousands lying around, you will need to take out a weight loss loan to finance the treatment and surgeries.



Available Procedures to Lose Weight


If you have struggled with weight loss for some time and is now in need of bariatric surgery to lose weight, there are several procedures to choose from. Your doctor will be in the best position to let you know which procedure is ideal for you, and will also advice you on the related costs. In Singapore, there are 4 very popular options as follows:

1. Gastric Bypass. This procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach so that it is as big as your thumb. This limits how much food you are able to eat in one seating. The smaller the stomach, the less you eat. The bypass happens when a portion of your intestine is restructured and attached to the colon so that most of the small intestine is bypassed, thus leading to less absorption. It is doubly effective because one eats less, and absorption is also reduced.

2. Gastric Band. An inflatable band is used to create a small stomach pouch that also reduces one’s food intake per seating. Not only does one eat less, but the patient also feels fuller for a longer period of time, reducing their appetite.

3. Duodenal Switch. Part of your stomach is removed and the duodenum is attached to the intestine. The large intestine is then connected to the upper intestines, thus allowing for the flow of pancreatic and bile juices. This procedure limits stomach size and also reduces the absorption of nutrients.

4. Gastric sleeve. Here, part of the stomach is removed and what is left is shaped like a tube. Therefore, both the appetite and how much one can eat in one seating is reduced.



Getting A Weight Loss Loan For Your Surgeries 


The costs for bariatric surgeries are not cheap. Getting a loan will help you pay for your surgery and at the same time, not affect your finances too much. Weight loss loans can also be used for other less popular procedures such as Aspiration and Vagal Nerve Blocking. The loan enables you to have the procedure done so you can be on your way to great health and a better quality of life, while making easy repayments that will not strain your budget.

If you are dealing with private lenders such as licensed moneylenders, then the loan application process can be expedited. Some lenders can process your application in an hour, provided that you submit all the necessary supporting documents. This means that the funds can be disbursed within 24 hours of approval if you need them fast or urgently. Traditional lenders such as banks tend to be slower as they have many processes and restrictions, and it may take them as much as a month to have your money ready if you are approved.

Even if you have bad credit, don’t shy away from asking for a loan. Credit Matters understands the needs of borrowers and are always willing to listen and lend a hand. If you require a weight loss loan or urgent financial help, speak to us. We have professional financial consultants that are here to answer your questions!