Apply for a Grab Taxi Loan 2019 with Fast and Easy Approval

What can Drivers benefit from a Grab Taxi Driver Loan?

With the high cost of living in Singapore, many people might be looking for a side hustle to shore up their income. Whether you are self-employed or a salaried person, driving for Grab taxi hailing services should be at the top of your money making list.

Grab has definitely revolutionized transportation in the city. Due to the huge price tag on cars as well as the high maintenance fee, most people in Singapore prefer cab services. Hence, it is a good reason to join the taxi hailing business with all the growing demand. Furthermore, it is also well-known that one is able to make a pretty good income with the high demand and Grab driver incentives.

However, this is not easy as things might become financially tough if you are faced with an emergency or if you do not have enough funds. It is also not wise to invest all of your savings in your GrabCar. This is where a Grab Taxi Driver Loan comes in handy.


How can a Grab Taxi Driver Loan help you?

While the taxi business is booming in Asia and more specifically Singapore, you also have to appreciate the challenges that come with the industry. At times, business is low and you may not have enough savings to sort financial emergencies.

Ordinarily, purchasing a car in Singapore requires a 40 to 50% down payment for the car. With the prices of COE going up steadily, this means buying a new car is financially draining. Once you are on the road, you might find the going get tough as you try to repay all loans even as you continue meeting increasing costs of car maintenance.

Fortunately, you can now own your car with a Grab Taxi Driver Loan. These loans are specifically designed for taxi drivers and they are packaged to suit your financial needs. The loans are flexible and you will have a loan assistant dedicated to your loan account. This means the advice you get is timely and will help you make the right decision. Whatever the financial emergency, these personal loans are far much better than resorting to expensive credit cards.

The loan requirements are easy to meet and they include your loan application form, copy of NRIC, COE rebate for registered vehicle, income documents and sales & purchase agreement of purchased vehicle. You can now apply online and get your loan approved within an hour as long as you are able to provide the required information.

Remember that you are joining the Grab taxi hailing services to improve your finances, not strain it further. Speak to us today for the most competitive personal loan rates specifically designed for Grab drivers in Singapore. Our loans feature an easy application process, approval and of course, a free quotation and professional advice.