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Payday Loan

Are you in need of some cash fast? Are you looking for a short term loan? A payday loan may be exactly what you need.

The amount borrowed for payday loans is usually quite small. Payday loans therefore usually attract a higher interest rate than other types of loans. The repayment however, is expected to be made within a short time. This is because the borrower agrees to repay the loan on the next payday.

The payday loan being a short term small loan is usually an unsecured loan. Borrowers can therefore give a postdated cheque that includes the amount to be paid and any interest and fees. This will clear the amount borrowed on the next payday. We will therefore recover the money owed to us by cashing the check on the date specified on it.

Latest update for 2019: We are now offering low interest rates in Singapore for payday loans and short-term loans. Therefore we urge all borrowers to make full use of this wonderful offer today by applying for loan here.

Are you looking for a Short Term Loan? A Payday Loan may be exactly what you need.

Payday loans are short term loans that are granted to people who are working and receive a regular monthly income. The loan is usually given with the idea of getting the person through to the next payday. That’s where we come in.

Our Payday Loans
At Credit Matters we know what it means to be caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to finances. We know that emergencies can come up at any time and must be dealt with. We therefore offer the most convenient way to access money in Singapore.

Our payday loans are available to both Singaporeans and permanent residents of the country. We also offer payday loans to holders of the S Pass.

We offer payday loans to assist people who are unable to meet urgent expenses for any reason. Our payday loan is available for anyone seeking some money to tide them over to the next payday.

Our Process

Tired of waiting for weeks to get your loan approved by banks? You don’t have to do so anymore. We can have your loan approved within minutes and you can have your cash within the same day, as long you have the required documents and have signed the loan agreement at our office.

Our loan application process is simple. You only have to fill in the online application form and await a response from us. You will have your response within an hour or so. If your application is approved, you can receive your money on the spot after  you sign the loan agreement contract.

If you have special requirements that need to be met in your payday loan, we are always willing to make changes for our customers. Simply visit, call or email us and we’ll get back to you.

If you’re struggling with bills or just need some money to tide you over with some expenses, you should talk to our loan officers today. We are sure to have a package that suits your needs. If we don’t, we can tailor one to suit you. Call or visit us today.

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